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Every month, Art + Flea presents a unique monthly shopping experience for Hawaii’s talented creatives to showcase their goods and talents.  Over 60 independent artists, vintage collectors, DIYers, food trucks, handmade aficionados, and fashion designers are featured at each event, drawing an eclectic crowd of shoppers, music and art lovers alike. Alongside up-and-coming bands, your favorite local DJs, and changing themes, each event remains fresh.

Co-founders Aly Ishikuni and Nicole Franco started Art + Flea with one goal in mind: to create an outlet for local vendors and artists to grow their business with limited overhead. Their dream event came to fruition with the first Art + Flea in July of 2010. At the time, hints of life of an urban market scene were few and far between but Honolulu’s creative community was ready. Today, Art + Flea has become one of Honolulu’s favorite monthly events where both artists and shoppers can genuinely connect.

Working with local organizations and non-profits, Art + Flea puts an emphasis on connecting creativity with community. Collaborations with Ward Village, KTUH, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Youth Outreach, Hawaiian Humane Society, Morning Glass Coffee, Hawaii Theatre, The Pig & The Lady, Honolulu Zoo, Honolulu Museum of Art School just to name a few, have made possible events such as Hawaii's first Miyazaki Ghibli Film Festival and Hawaii's first Cat Cafe, Neko Cafe.

Today, Art+Flea is not just an event. It has become its own cultural movement in Hawaii, a place for creatives to bring their vision to the table, network, and connect with others that have a passion for something. Under the leadership of Art + Flea co-founder, Ishikuni-Sasaki, a strong, talented, dedicated team was formed. The people behind the company are a collective of artists ranging from musicians, dancers, and videographers to writers, photographers, and graphic designers.

MORI by Art + Flea launched in 2014 at Ward Warehouse and has since been "The Gathering Place for Creatives," an artistically curated select shop featuring artists, designers, and makers from Art + Flea. Events to motivate and inspire people to "do what you love" include exclusive one-time pop-up sales, hands on workshops, art shows, Mori Live Sessions featuring local bands and musicians, and much more.

Visit for information about our shop, a place to experience Art + Flea every day.

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